Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ROUNDERS anyone?

missing the good ol' times? needing a bit of a workout? wanting to spend time with the girls? tired of exams? feeling like hitting something?
well, if u've answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, we've got just the thing for u...
Come join us for Rounders (yup, just like the good ol times)..


venue- Prince's Park
date- 22nd Nov '08
time- 8.30 am
*contact syera or akma

be there or be square (or round)....

really, its fun...

btw, on wednesday ari tu, a small group of us pegi main rounders, since ade sorang ukhti X ni macam dah kemaruk sgt nak main (heheh).. Best. tapi sikit sgt org. Kalau ramai best sikit. after that kami telah pergi berjalan2 kat lake sebelah tempat main rounders tu. tgk itik2, angsa2, burung2.. sort of killing 2 birds with one stone (no, didnt mean it literally.. not a single bird of any kind was hurt in the process)... saje je nak share

repeat, no birds were hurt that day..

so.. see u this saturday iAllah..

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